AOS 2012 Orthodontic Credentialing Review and Spring Training Update

14 Credit Hours

Joseph R. Schmidbauer, DDS

Edward Gonzalez Jr., DMD

William E. Wyatt Sr., DDS, FACD, FICD

David Jackson, DDS, FAGD, IBO

Chris Baker, RN, DMD

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Spring Training

The Academy of Diplomates

In Partnership with the AOS Presents Orthodontic Review Course 2012

•  Fellowship (Board Eligible) Review Course

•  Skeletal Anchorage Systems Clinical Lecture Series

•  Auxiliary Orthodontic Assisting Workshops

March 16-17, 2012

Orlando, Florida


Hit more orthodontic home runs by joining your colleagues for a weekend of orthodontic spring training in Orlando, Florida. We’re offering a triple play of orthodontic education March 16-17.


For our members striving to reach Diplomate status, we are offering our annual Fellowship (board Eligible) review two-day didactic course taught by our team of instructors and examiners. Lead by Academy of Diplomates
Executive Director, Dr. Ed Gonzalez and Academy of Diplomates President, Dr. Joseph Schmidbauer, this course will help you on your way to becoming a Fellow of the AOS. To learn more about our Society credentialing please visit our website at or call us at 800-448-1601.

For those who are not on a credentialing track, but want to hear the latest in orthodontic updates from Senior Instructors and Diplomates of our Society, the following program is for you. This program runs concurrent with the credentialing review, but registrants may attend ANY of the lectures.

The Credentialing Review speaker line-up


Dr. Ed Gonzalez                       Growth and Development

Dr. Chris Baker                         Bio-Mechanics

Dr. Jordan Balvich      NEW this year: Board Requirements for Case Presentation

Dr. Balvich will show you exactly what is needed for Diplomate consideration. You’ll see the good, the bad, and the ugly from models, radiographs, and overall case presentation. Dr. Balvich will also discuss the AOS Journal publishing requirement and how to submit your case for publication. Students are encouraged to bring at least one of their prepared tier advancement case presentations for critique.



Dr. David Jackson                        Diagnosis

Dr. Joe Schmidbauer                   Treatment Mechanics

Dr. Bill Wyatt                                Retention




Friday, March 16 & SATURDAY, MARCH 17

“Skeletal Anchorage Systems” 

Dr. Juan Echeverri

Dr. Randall Newby

Dr. Bradford Williams                                      

Three experienced Diplomates of the AOS will collaborate to present a two-day program on one of today’s hottest orthodontic topics, skeletal anchorage systems. Using well-documented ongoing and completed cases, Dr. Echeverri, Dr. Newby, and Dr. Williams will cover the basics on TADS, systems for anterior or posterior open bites, impacted canines, class III (with and without extractions), crowded class I with extractions, and temporary tooth restoration with TADS. The instructors will also include practical material on those “inevitable” complications with cases that we try but would not try again. Attend this course and let experienced practitioners accelerate


your knowledge, skill, and use of TADS. At the end of each day there will be an open mike opportunity with this panel of presenters. The instructors encourage attendees to bring cases for review and advice.


There will also be a two-day program for the dental staff taught by AOS instructors, Ms. Susan Coffey and Ms. Robin Schmidbauer.


Friday, March 16

Robin Schmidbauer, CDA, EFDA

“Practical How-To’s on Quality Orthodontic Assisting”

Robin Schmidbauer, AOS instructor and experienced dental assistant, has chosen three topics that will make your assistant more productive for your practice immediately. First, how to position the patient for a ceph and pan; to include, common errors, how to prepare the patient for a ceph and pan, and what to look for in an exceptional ceph and pan. Second, tips for improving your photography. This includes which photos you need for records, proper positioning and distance, and what the records layout should look like. Thirdly, how to take better impressions; to include proper mixing of alginate, proper tray position, how to pour the impression and send to the lab for outstanding models, wax bite and how to complete the lab prescription.  This is a great workshop for the new OR the experienced orthodontic assistant.



Susan Coffey, RDA

“Hands-on Workshop For The Orthodontic Dental Assistant That You Can Use Monday Morning”

Susan Coffey, an experienced instructor and dental assistant will provide you practice knowledge in distalization vs mandibular repositioning. Your staff will be taught how to place the Multi-Distalizing Arch (MDA), the Carrier Distalizer, and the Twin Force appliance. Other appliances such as the CD Distalizer and the Hilger’s Pendulum appliance will be discussed. A great practical learning experience that will EMPOWER your staff.


Sign up now! Update Lecturers include

Dr. Juan Echeverri

Dr. Echeverri, along with his wife Elsa, maintains a busy Pediatric and General practice in Houston.  He holds his Diplomate with the AOS and was elected to the Board of Directors.  He has authored and lectured extensively both nationally and internationally.


Dr.Randall newby

Dr. Newby obtained his DDS from Creighton University and has completed over 2000 orthodontic cases in his 25+ years in practice! He is a Diplomate of the AOS and was awarded the AOS Orthodontic Case of the Year for 2010.


Dr. Bradford williams

Dr. Williams lives in Skiatook, OK, where he practices dentistry and orthodontics with his eldest son. A graduate of University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, Dr. Williams has practiced general dentistry and general practice orthodontics for over 28 years. He is a Diplomate and a Board Member of the AOS.



Dr. Gonzalez is a Diplomate of the AOS, a Senior Instructor, Executive Director of the Academy of Diplomates, and AOS Past-President. He maintains two large pediatric practices in central Florida and lectures extensively on growth and development of the adolescent.  


Dr. Chris Baker

After practicing as a critical care Registered Nurse for 10 years, Dr. Baker earned her DMD from University of Kentucky and her certificate in Pediatric Dentistry from University of Connecticut. She is a Diplomate of the AOS, as well as Past-President, Senior Instructor and Board Examiner.


Dr. Jordan Balvich

Dr. Balvich is a general practitioner from Rensselaer, Indiana who has completed over 500 orthodontic cases. Dr. Balvich is a Diplomate, Board Examiner, and Past-President of the AOS, as well as co-editor of the Journal of the American Orthodontic Society.


Dr. David W. Jackson

Dr. Jackson is a Diplomate of the AOS, a Senior Instructor, Past-President of the Academy of Diplomates, and Past-President of both the AOS and the International Association for Orthodontics. He is the founder of OrthoPlus Seminars and teaches a wide range of comprehensive programs with the AOS.


Dr. Joseph Schmidbauer 

Dr. Schmidbauer is a Diplomate of the AOS, Board Examiner, and Past-President, in addition to being President of the Academy of Diplomates. A Senior Instructor, he also conducts his own comprehensive orthodontic program in Atlanta.


Dr. William E. Wyatt, Sr. 

“Dr. Bill” is one of the early leaders in GP orthodontics, both lecturing and practicing.  Since 1970 he has limited his practice to orthodontics and has lectured regularly for the AOS for over 30 years. He was nominated in 2008 for the Texas Dentist of the Year by the Texas AGD. He is also a Diplomate, Senior Instructor and Past-President of the Society.




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