AOS Annual Meeting, SEPTEMber 14 - 16, 2017, CLEARWATER BEACH, FLORIDA

For more information or to register, call us at 972-234-4000!

Come stick your feet in the powdery white sand on the Gulf of Mexico! This year's meeting will be held at the newly remodeled Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort and Spa, situated on a private, pristine section of beach. (Jump to hotel registration page or call 800.753.3954.) Our excellent and experienced speakers this year include:

Dr. Leonard Carapezza - Improving Esthetics Through Better Occlusion                   

Dr. James Prittinen -  Muscle Strength and its Influence on Orthodontic Mechanics

Dr. John W. Graham - I Can See Clearly Now – 3D Imaging and Orthodontic Excellence

Dr. R. Bruce McFarlane - A-P Correction Prior to Orthodontics: The Time is Right

Dr. Joseph Yousefian - Pediatric Sleep Apnea: The New Concepts in Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Juan Echeverri - The Elephant in the Treatment Plan: Impacted Canine Management

Dr. Juan J. Solano - Tips for Improving Your Daily Orthodontic Delivery

Saturday morning sees the return of one of the most popular events from previous meetings, Breakfast With the Experts! Listen to the presentation of your choice and discuss your questions with the orthodontic experts. (Optional fee event. Each table limited to 8.)  

Dr. Bill Wyatt - Expansion of Lower Cuspids
Dr. Juan Solano- Simple Class III Corrections – Adult and Mixed Dentition 
Dr. Brad Williams- Ortho"hero"dontics - Heroic or Stupid? Tough cases Reviewed with 20/20 Vision Hindsight 
Dr. Randy Newby - Guided Bone Regeneration in Deficient Labial to Lingual Dimension Bone in Maxillary Lateral Incisor Sites Prior to Implant Placement and Restoration in a Post-Orthodontic Case
Dr. Azita Anissi - Canine Impaction in Mixed and Adult Dentition 
Ms. Dru Halvorsen– The Dental Landscape is Changing. Are You?

For your auxiliary staff: Tanya Thompson, RDH, BS, and Michele Rivera, RDH, BS, offer an all day program, The Complete Package – What Auxiliaries Need to Know from Start to Finish. Then, Dru Halverson, RDH, BS, and Becky Speer, RDH, of Jameson Management present two lectures: Making the Most of Your Scheduling Systems and Overcoming “I’ll Think About It.”

Come in on Wednesday and try to get that little white dimpled ball in a tiny hole far, far away. Friday morning, you can sail around the Gulf on Clearwater Beach's fastest catamaran, then pilot a jetliner, fighter jet, or Formula 1 race car in the afternoon. (Well, sort of.)  Paint like an impressionist by the seashore Saturday morning and treat yourself to some "me time" in the hotel's new Hibiscus Spa that afternoon. Sunday morning, if you're not listening to Dr. Solano speak, head out into the Gulf and fish for mackerel, grouper and snapper. It's Clearwater Beach! What's not to like?! 
Don't forget to register for our Friday night Margaritaville Beachside Party, which includes dinner.

Brochures have been mailed. If you didn't receive one or are having difficulty registering on line, please don't hesitate to call us: 972.234.4000