Enhance your practice to build loyalty...
and revenue

Your patients trust you. They trust you to have up-to-date training and skills and be able to address all aspects of their dental health.

As we all know, patient loyalty is key to growing a strong practice. Adding orthodontic skills allows you to better serve your patients and build that loyalty.

It is a common myth that orthodontics can only be done by an orthodontic specialist. It's just not true.

With the high quality of training from the American Orthodontic Society, a properly trained general or pediatric dentist can - and should - add orthodontics to their practice.

What can skills from AOS courses do for you?

  • Add revenue from a patient base that already trusts you, their family dentist
  • Enhance your diagnostic skills
  • Open up additional referral channels
  • Keep your practice current with the latest innovations

So, what are you waiting for? 

Begin DateCourse
8/10/2018Advanced Orthodontic Assistant Training Course
Location: Addison,TX
Instructor:Susan Coffey RDA

9/12/20182018 AOS Annual Meeting & Distinguished Lecture Series
Location: San Diego,CA

9/28/2018Orthodontic Training & Workshop for Assistants & Hygienists
Location: Orlando,FL
Instructor:Susan Coffey, RDA

10/7/20182018-2019 Basic Straight Wire Orthodontics
Location: Addison,TX
Instructor:Bradford R. Williams, Sr., DDS

11/9/2018Comprehensive Early Treatment Mechanics
Location: Tampa,FL
Instructor:W. Edward Gonzalez, Jr., DMD